A New Division

AUTO PARTS DIRECT is a new division of JAE AUTO Pte Ltd. JAE AUTO has more than 20 years’ experience in the auto parts industry in Singapore. As the market leader, we have auto parts from the most complete line-up of car brands (Japanese, Continental and Korean brands). We aim to be the one stop online shop that provides the best range of servicing parts at the most affordable prices.

Who We Are

Our highly driven and vibrant team at autopartsdirect consists of autoparts specialists, IT professionals and support staff. We are constantly working to expand our product range to include more car brands and other related items. We assure all customers that we provide 100% genuine and original items as featured in our website. Lower cost but high quality alternatives are also available for those who wish to stretch their budget to the maximum.

Large Selections

We carry the best and widest range of servicing parts for all brands. We offer 100% genuine, and aftermarket parts.

Low Price

Being the leading suppliers for autoparts in Singapore, we offer the lowest price in the market

No Middle Person

Direct purchase from us without paying mark ups from resellers to get best prices and authentic products.

Hassle Free

Searching through our selection is easy and trouble-free! We also deliver the items to your doorstep!

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